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About the Qbank Passages

75% of the sciences sections and 100% of the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills section is passage-based. The M Prep Qbank provides passages designed by experienced instructors to be just like the MCAT, giving you the most targeted prep.

Over 1000 practice questions are available on-demand with your subscription. Practice passages from subjects covering all four sections of the exam, with new passages consistently released for each section.

Sample Passages

Robust Practice

Work through individual passages or build practice quizzes with passages and discrete questions, tailored to your topics of interest.

Customize by various metrics to give you exactly the content you want, the way you want it, with detailed reporting at the end.

Real-World Performance

Track your progress and your performance to identify and target your weak areas. Qbank stats show you how you stack up against hundreds of other students on individual questions and overall.

Based on student performance, our questions stack up very well against the real MCAT. On average, our questions are slightly more difficult, and our performance distribution is very similar. Knowing your raw score as well as your percentile ranking gives you the clearest picture for what you can expect on test day.

Comparing student performance on Qbank questions (N > 1000) against actual AAMC performance distribution. Normalized by percent correct answers. M Prep Qbank performance is shown in red (including overlapping purple region). AAMC performance is shown in blue (including overlapping purple region). On average, students get fewer of our questions right than on the real MCAT, suggesting that our questions are, on average, approximately as difficult if not more difficult than the real exam.

What are people saying?

I feel like the Qbank has been a great addition to my studies. Questions are very reasonable and they possess an ideal balance between knowledge-based and critical thinking questions.

- Eric

The Qbank was integral for me in preparing for the MCAT. It was important for me to be able to track my progress and overall success... It helped me analyze why I got questions wrong and identify my own areas of weakness. The passages are exactly like what I saw on the MCAT. Qbank passages may even be a bit harder on average... I'd recommend it to a friend in a heartbeat...

- Mac

The Qbank was amazing in the months leading up to my test, and even doing a few each day gave me increased confidence... and I feel it helped lead to the 36 I received. Without the Qbank, I'm not sure I would have realized my potential.

- Kyle

I'd highly recommend the Qbank to those looking for practice on their computer. I feel some of the questions on the chemistry and physics are actually more challenging than the real MCAT.

- Caroline

Frequently asked questions

Is this like the MCAT Question of the Day?

Nope! While both services deal with the same MCAT content, the Qbank is exclusively passage-based which isn't found in the Question of the Day. Most of the MCAT is composed of passages, making Qbank passages the most targeted way to prepare for the exam.

Does the Qbank have Social Sciences and CARS passages?

Absolutely - these sections are half the exam! Along with the core sciences (biological and physical sciences), we provide countless passages to help you succeed in the social sciences and verbal sections of the MCAT.

How will I access the Qbank?

Qbank passages are provided in a convenient online format. Your account tracks your progress and performance, giving you detailed metrics of how you're doing and where to improve. Since the MCAT resembles a curved exam, you will also see how you measure up to the competition on individual questions and overall so you have a better prediction of how you'll perform on test day.

How many passages are in the Qbank?

The Qbank contains over 180 passages totaling more than 1000 questions. That's equivalent to 4.8 full-length practice tests of content! We also add content regularly so you'll consistently have fresh material.

Will the Qbank help me if I already have other MCAT study materials?

Yes, the Qbank is designed to be valuable practice regardless of other study materials you are using. Many students plan to self-study and want the best resources available, pacing themselves as they go. That's what we've built for you with our Qbank.

What is the format of the passages? How close are they to the real MCAT?

All of our content is written by experienced MCAT writers who know the content and the strategies inside and out. The passages are formatted to closely align with the content you'll see on test day. The basic structure of each passage is 4-7 questions, depending on the subject. Each passage will come with a corresponding answer key and explanations to help you get the most out of your practice.